CPA Recruiting Services

Who we are:  Abacus Search – “Big 4” & “Large Regional” CPA relocation & recruiting firm

Abacus Search is a recruiting search firm that specializes in the recruitment and placement of “Big 4” and “Large Regional” CPA’s into large and mid-sized clients nation-wide.  Abacus has been in business since 1995.  We are always looking for talented CPA’s with work experience from the 20 largest CPA firms in the country that need assistance in relocating and finding a new job in cities all across the United States.

We look for candidates with the following background, experience, and interests:

  • 2+ years public accounting experience from a “Big 4” or “Large Regional” CPA firms (audit and/or tax). 
  • Mix of both Public Accounting and Private industry. 
  • CPA license preferred.
  • Candidates seeking assistance relocating and finding a new job.
  • Candidates who have already decided exactly where they want to relocate to.
  • Candidates who have only 1 location in mind.
  • Candidates who have strong ties to the location where they are moving to.
  • Candidates willing to work for another CPA firm are ideal but this is not a strict requirement.