Welcome to 2017 – We have several new openings!!!

   Title                                  Salary                       Location

BSA/AML Officer             100,000           Overland Park, KS

Staff Accountant             48,000             Olathe, KS

Customer Service            35,000             Olathe, KS

Senior Accountant           72,000             Kansas City, MO

Financial Reporting         75,000             Overland Park, KS

Staff Accountant              55,000             Overland Park, KS

Treasurer                          120,000           Overland Park, KS

Tax Accountant                 80,000             Kansas City, MO

Financial Analyst             72,000              St. Joseph, MO

Investment Acct               65,000             Kansas City, MO

Controller                        110,000            Overland Park, KS

Demand Analyst               72,000              Overland Park, KS

Auditor                              63,000             Kansas City, MO


Please contact us for complete job descriptions.

Send your resume to careers@abacus95.com


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